What drinks can you drink after dinner ?

The number one rule is drink what you like.

But generally people either go for big flavours, higher alcohol and drinks that you can sip. You can think about fortified wine, whisky, stout style beers, “big” red wines all are common choices.
Or they choose cleansing drinks: A crisp beer, Champagne, Gin, white wine.

My favourite is Madeira – A fortified wine from Spain that gets a little bit cooked in the process. A Verdelho or Bual style sit in the too to dry, not too sweet category and are so complex that I want to smell it as much as drink it.

I’m also fond of Amarone della Valpolicella with parmesan. Especially over winter.  everything is an option. Sometimes a traditional gin martini (and stirred, not shaken) or a nice sipping whiskey. Sometimes a glass of wine – white or red – if I’m in the mood. After a meal, pairings are not as important as what I’m personally in the mood for. And that could simply be a nice cool glass of water, or coffee, or anything else. “Rules” are not as important as what I’m feeling in the moment. And sometimes that could be a complex cocktail as well. Now if I’m with friends or family, then I’m less casual, and I’ll be a bit more intentional with my selection or suggestion.

Depends on the kind of dinner.
Eating while watching the game with friends? I’ll stick to whatever beer I’m drinking.
Dinner with the in-laws? Sure, I’d love to share a bottle of wine with them.
Watching the kid all night and he’s nowhere close to falling asleep? I’ll have a Dr Pepper to keep my energy levels up.
Driving back from a concert, swing through a drive-thru for dinner and I’m still two hours from home? An energy drink is the only after dinner drink that will see me through that evening.

I find that for my digestive system, a nice cup of hot tea is essential after a meal.

If I don’t get my tea (and coffee can’t be substituted) then I feel bloated and uncomfortable.

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