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COVID —new symptoms

new symptoms added

When the coronavirus outbreak began, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention listed cough, shortness of breath and fever as possible symptoms for the newly-discovered virus. Now, the organization is adding six new possible symptoms to its list, including headache, chills and loss of taste or smell.

These possible symptoms, added recently are:


Repeated shaking with chills

Muscle pain


Sore throat

New loss of taste or smell–

Apply cologne on hands ( not on face please) and keep smelling it 😂😂

A partfrom CVOID FEET—red rashes on your feet bilaterally

The CDC continues to warn that these symptoms can appear any time between two to 14 days after exposure to the virus.

All persons at work to strictly adhere to these

👇🏻👇🏻 Do’s and Don’ts:-

1. avoid wearing loose clothes – sarees, stoles etc to office for few days.

2. Anything which sweeps the floor should be avoided .

3. Wear half sleeved thick clothes.

4. U can wear home-stitched long coveralls while commuting.

5. Ditch the purse or carry a very small one n disinfect it on return.

6. Carry ur things in cotton bags and wash them daily.

7. No watches or rings or any jewellery.

8. Keep the nails short.

9. Opening and cleaning the room on ur own as far as possible.

10. Wear closed bellies/ shoes rather than open toe sandals.

11. Ditch the office crockery till things become normal.

12. It would be safest to eat straight from your lunch box packed in small containers carried from home. Use your own spoons. Dont wash the vessels in office.

13. Carry your own water bottle & avoid using the Office glasses/ cups.

14. Keep two cloth bags for carrying your lunch to be used on alternate days as they should also be washed on return.

15. Carry Disinfectant wipes and toilet seat disinfectant spray.

16. Have a heavy breakfast at home before leaving for office.

17. Have some fruits or savouries for lunch.

18. Take a cup for tea, teabags sugar milk sachets and a flask for hot water from home.

19. Disinfect door handles, electric switches, table, chair, office phone, desktop, mouse and keyboard before use. Keep plants outside.

20. Take stairs and climb in the middle, away from wall or railing.

21. Keep using sanitiser frequently.


1 Kindly do not use AC central

2 Open your windows in office for cross ventilation

3 Social distancing to be followed at all times

4 Preferably use stairs please unless heart problem

5 Use video call to talk to each other—strictly no meetings

6 Kindly ensure the orderlies also keep distance , use masks and do not mingle

7 Kindly frequently wash hands , use sanitizers/ >kindly wear glasses to protect your eyes<

8 Kindly report any fever , dry cough , breathlessness

9 Any body with co morbid condition may kindly indicate to the range head and work from home

10 Get sanitiers to always clean tables, hands , and if possible bleaching powder to clean surfaces as tables, door handles

11 Kindly equip Gr D with gloves too while cleaning but after it is done they should take it off and wash their hand—it should not be constantly worn

12 Kindly take care of your drivers to be follow the steps as enumerated above

The coronavirus is spread through respiratory droplets when a sick person coughs or sneezes. People within 6 feet of an infected individual are most at risk for inhaling these droplets.

A person could also become infected through contact with the virus particles on a surface, though it’s unknown how long the new coronavirus can survive on surfaces outside of the body. Research has shown that other coronaviruses can survive on hard surfaces for hours to days. If an infected person sneezes or coughs onto a surface, such as a countertop or doorknob, and another person touches that surface and then rubs his or her eyes or nose, for example, the latter may get sick.

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